Testimonials for Chester Hutchinson:

"When I think of a true Human Resources professional, Chet Hutchinson is the gold standard.  Chet was a member of my senior management team for over 17 years at Seagram Chateau & Estates Wine Company.

Together Chet and I hired, professionally grew and mentored many of the current exceptional talents (Directors, VP's, SVP's & Presidents) that now hold key positions in the Wine, Beer and Spirits companies today. Chet has been in Human Resources in the wine industry for over 30 years (over 25 years with Seagram and 5 years with Constellation). Chet is well respected and an asset to the wine industry. Chet was not only my SVP Human Resources, but he was my friend and confidante.  The bond that we share will last a lifetime."

Sam Bronfman II,
former President
Seagram Chateau & Estates Wine Company
February 2007

“Without question, Chet Hutchinson is the most talented Human Resources executive I’ve encountered in my career. His diplomacy, trustworthiness, sensitivity, situational assessment and conflict management skills, coupled with his ability to work effectively with people at all levels of the organization, are unparalleled. If Chet were a Michelin-rated restaurant he would definitely deserve 3 stars.”

Leslie Litwak (1955 - 2007)
former Wine Industry Marketing Executive
Icon Estates Wines

"Chet Hutchinson is a unique blend of professionalism, competence, leadership, guidance and compassion. I have known Chet for over 20 years and can attest to his ability to shape , build, and upgrade organizations as well as individual careers. He is effective, sincere, energetic, and most of all, he "gets it".In a corporate world, there are very few people left that still add great personal mentoring and direction that benefits the individual as well as the organization, I take great pride in considering Chet not only a great resource but also a super friend and mentor and part of my family. "He's the best".

Dean Peskoff
General Sales Manager
Diageo Chateau and Estate Wines

"Chet Hutchinson embodies the virtues of what a Human Resources executive should be, but which too many are not.

The biggest mistake companies make is under-utilizing the talents of its employees. Chet, by contrast, understands how individual growth and corporate growth can be synchronized and symbiotic. He appreciates that a company’s most valuable resources are its people, recognizing the talents individuals have already tapped as well as those they have yet to fully develop. When you talk with him, he makes you feel like the most important person in the world because his love of people is genuine. He is inspiring and endearing. These best of human qualities, along with his professionalism, experience and eye for talent, have made Chet Hutchinson an icon and a paragon in his field.”

Marc Engel
Associate Partner and Head of Wines Practice
B/R/S Group

February 2007

"In today's world where so many corporate employees are cynical andskeptical about the role of HR, Chet Hutchinson is truly the exception and a benchmark 'gold standard' of all that's right about human resources. He possesses the total package of wisdom, integrity and the focused sensitivity to an individual's specific needs. I have personally known and worked with Chet directly or indirectly for close to twenty years and am, to the day, more educated and professionally better off after every interaction. I can't stress enough what a seasoned, polished and forward thinking individual Chet is and how much he brings to the table- skills immeasurable in terms of their real world value."

Evan Goldstein, MS
Vice President of Global Brand Education
Beam Wine Estates
January, 2007

Next to the key personal relationships in our lives, the connection between employer and employee is among the most important to which we dedicate serious time and energy. Beyond the basics of essential job performance and compensation, Chet has a special ability to find and bring the best out in both parties so that the results they create together over deliver and inspire achievements that exceed expectations. The depth of experience that Chet brings, along with his keen intuition about people and situations foster workplace environments where people work and achieve because they want to, not just because they have to. More than just addressing the short term needs of work place situations, in working with Chet, one has a partner that will stand by and provide for building an organization for its enduring success over the long term."

John W. Bradbury
Brand Director: Champagnes
Pernod Ricard USA
December 2006



Testimonials for Sid Wilkins:

"Sid is an incredibly valuable resource. Since starting my own consulting business, I have not hesitated to bring him in to my clients to help with coaching or sensitive employee relations issues. Sid has a wonderful ability to diffuse potentially hostile or emotional situations with care, as well as support individuals in their time of stress or crisis. I'm proud to call him my colleague."

Christi Dunlap
January, 2005

"I have known Sid since 1985 and he is excellent at coaching executives. Sid is also an outstanding instructor in a wide range of athletic activities."

Jack Moorman
June, 2005

"I worked with Sid at Netscape/AOL. He has an excellent ability to assess a situation and take appropriate action. He was a key member of the team to ensure that we had a safe and professional environment during times of heightened emotions such as lay-offs. He was a great coach to help individuals see their options and next steps clearly and in a positive light after receiving difficult news."

Christina Champagne,
December, 2004

"Sid is one of the world's good people. A great attitude, a great heart, and a complete commitment to ethics; he's helped many corporatate HR groups to tackle the thorniest problems. An added advantage is that he's a fit and strong adult, so he understands adult issues."

Jeremy Walker
December 5, 2004




Testimonials for Larry Childress:

“ I have worked with Larry for more than three years. In those years he has provided outstanding counsel and leadership development to me and my leadership team.  His years of Human Resource experience is evidenced and demonstrated in the way he approaches management and leadership challenges; and how he promotes participative approaches to address issues. I find him to be the consummate professional in all areas of Human Resources and management development.”

Greg Fowler
SVP Production Operations
Icon Estates

"Mr. Larry Childress is a very skilled, and engaged HR practitioner. He is strategic in his thought processes and possess a mastery of organizational culture. Mr. Childress has a passion for results, as well. As a consummate HR professional, he maintains a network of talented human resource professionals, which he can call upon to solve the most difficult organization and people problems. We are very familiar with his work, and he comes highly recommended."

Jensen Shirley
Esteem Performance Associates, LLC

"Mr. Childress' love for teaching is apparent thorough his lesson preparation, effective facilitation, and excellent delivery of instruction! His broad knowledge base, use of varied skills and motivational strategies, his friendly personality, and enthusiasm promote enjoyment and excitement in the learning process. He is an outstanding leader, teacher, facilitator, mentor and role model as he has demonstrated consistently during the past 20 years!"

Barbara Z. Dawson, Ed.D.
Educational Management Consultant

"There are two kinds of Human Resource people, one a winner and one a loser. Larry Childress is for sure the winning type. I worked with Larry for two of the most rewarding years I have had in my managerial career. His ability to listen, discern the issues and develop a plan of action to move forward are uncanny. His passion for teaching and training are contagious and thus he accomplishes outstanding results.  Whenever Larry is involved I know my team and I will walk away better managers, better employees; better team players from the experience."

Barbara Puentes
Director of Purchasing/Logistics
April 2008

"Larry Childress may enter a room as a facilitator, but he is sure to leave as a friend, and one who you will call upon again and again!  He has a profound passion for teaching/training.  No matter the subject matter, his training will offer detailed information presented in a very interesting and stimulating manner. His training seminars often garnished with a few personal stories - a guarantee for active listeners in attendance. 

I highly recommend Larry, as his knowledge and personal approach today’s business issues; offer an exciting and easy to use workplace application for those in attendance. His enthusiasm is really contagious!!  

Kimberly Q. Dreyer
Director, Human Resources
Constellation Wines U.S
April 2008

"There are good Human Resources professionals, and then there are great Human Resources leaders.   I consider Larry to be a great Human Resource leader.  

I had the privilege to have Larry as my manager for 3 years.  His ability to nurture growth, generate collaborative partnerships, and drive meaningful results was evident.  Not only did Larry possess a wealth of expertise in the area of Human Resources, he also possessed an uncanny ability to effectively communicate and build business relationships.  It was an absolute joy to work with Larry in overcoming challenges and approaching issues with pragmatic and creative solutions.

Larry added tremendous creditability and respect to the Human Resources organization and helped elevate our department standards to new heights.  You felt that Larry truly listened, cared, and supported you.  I consider Larry a great manager, a mentor, and more importantly a great friend."
Jason G. Sardinas, PHR
Manager, Constellation Wines US
April 2008

“Larry and I worked together on many sensitive employee related matters. His grasp of the issues, corporate culture and probable repercussions of Company actions was impressive. I watched how well-respected he was by all levels of employees and thoroughly enjoyed working with him for more than six years.”

Elizabeth Hirsch,

Senior Counsel,
Guidant Corporation
March 2008


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